Our goal, quite simply, is to present professional quality entertainment.  With help from local businesses, we will build on 40 years of community success.  Our goal is to raise and maintain $10,000 in sponsorship each year to offset the cost of rent and lighting for each of our 5 shows.

We are an all volunteer community driven organization.  We do not pay our actors, directors, scenic designers, or costume designers.  Our largest expenses are rent and lighting technical support to The Art Place—Mountain View as well as the royalties for each show.  All other craft services (ushers, concessions, photography, set construction) are performed by volunteers.

Running a theater is EXPENSIVE! And lately, a lot of our operating costs have been going up. Storage, rental of our performance facility, and more. And recent musicals have been pretty pricey, too! Musicals are tough.  Musicals are demanding.  But, mostly, musicals are expensive!  Some of you may not know that the royalties for a musical are often four times the cost of a straight play and the very talented musicians who accompany need to be compensated.  So, here’s where we pass the figurative”hat.”

CenterStage North just can’t survive on ticket sales alone.  We’ve had many new expenses this year and would greatly appreciate your help by donating to our ventures.  If you can spare a few dollars, please make a tax-deductible donation here.


We would be very grateful if you would please make a donation in any amount you feel is helpful. Every little bit helps! And we are an IRS-recognized 501(C)(3) charity. If you would like a receipt to acknowledge your kind donation, please email us at boxoffice@centerstagenorth.com and let us know the date and amount of your donation amount so we can match it up in our records, we will email you a receipt.