1999 – 1997 Season

The Boys Next Door



First Night


Don’t Dress For Dinner



Murder in the Magnolias



Wait Until Dark
by Frederick KnottPerformance Dates
March 27 – April 4, 1998

The Crew

Pam Joyce – Director
Cheryl Baer – Stage Manager

The Cast

Jeffrey Bigger as Mike Talman
Bill Miller as Sgt. Carlino
Matt McClure as Mike Roat
Marcie Seklecki as Susy Hendrix
Thom Scott as Sam Handrix
Marie Roberts as Gloria
Bill Rampley as Policeman #1
Jim Brooks as Policeman #2


The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner
by David Wood

The Crew

Sarah Mitchell – Director
Marion McPherson – Stage Manager
Doris Paino – Costumes

The Cast

Jeffrey Bigger as Slug

Robin Lynn Allen as Maggot

Deborah Bowman as Ant

Nelah Gabler as Spider

Lauan Ivey as Greenfly

Anne McCarthy as Bumble Bee

Lisa Moon as Lady Bug

Brenda Orchard as Great Mushroom/Voice of “Big One”

Jody Pollage as Red Admiral

Tom Strong as Glow Worm

Mike Crowe as Voice of “Big One”

Shannon Swift as Maggot understudy


Dearly Departed
by David Bottrell and Jessie JonesPerformance Dates
August 14 – 22, 1998

The Crew

Bill Miller – Director

The Cast

Jim Brooks as Bud Turpin/Norval

Judy Branch as Raynelle Turpin
Cheryl Baer as Marguerite
Tony Key as Royce
Jody Pollage as Ray Bud
Debra Azar as Lucille
Jeffrey Bigger as Junior
Lauan Ivey as Suzanne
Kristen Henshaw as Delightful
Bill Rampley as Reverand Hooker
Brenda Orchard as Veda
Erin Lindsey as Nadien
Mike Crowe as Clyde
Heather Kemp as Juanita
Tiffany Taylor as Bernice Talbot


by Frederick J. RubekPerformance Dates
October 16 – 24, 1998

The Crew

Ann Patterson – Director

The Cast

Beth Watkins as Paula Williams

Jeffrey Bigger as Tom Williams
Matt Henson as Roger Wedgeford
Heather Kemp as Mattie Henderson
Viviana Rodriguez as Annette Wilde
Lauan Ivey as Chloe the Parrot
Jason Carlile as “Voice of Game Show Host”


5 Women Wearing the Same Dress (1997)

Five Women Wearing the Same Dress
by Alan BallPerformance Dates
February 21 – March 1, 1997

The Crew

Jody Pollage – Director

The Cast

Tiffany Karen Johnson as Frances

Lauan Ivey as Meredith
Jennifer Dartau as Trisha
Rochelle Burdine as Georgeanne
Sydney Stone as Minday
Jeffrey Charlton as Tripp
Paula Morrison as Mindy


The NIght Hank Wiliams Died (1997)

The Night Hank Williams Died
by Larry L. KingPerformance Dates
May 9 – 17, 1997

The Crew

Cheryl Baer – Director
Sarah Mitchell – Stage Manager

The Cast

Steven Blondeau as Thurmond Stottle

Jody Pollage as Gus Gilbert
Susan Methvin as Nellie Bess Powers Clark
Mike Crowe as Moon Childers
Tony Key as Sherriff Royce Langdon, Jr.



Steel Magnolias
by Robert HarlingPerformance Dates
August 15 – 23, 1997

The Crew

Jody Pollage – Director

The Cast

Karen Woodford as Truvy

Lisa Moon as Annelle
Lauan Ivey as Shelby
Rosemary Dixon as Clairee
Julia Hastings as Ouiser
Pam McGahagin as M’Lynn


Barefoot in the Park
by Neil SimonPerformance Dates
October 17 – 25, 1997

The Crew

Lauan Ivey – Director
Sarah Mitchell – Stage Manager

The Cast

Tiffany Williams as Corrie Bratter

Jon Williams as Paul Bratter
Cheryl Baer as Mrs. Banks
Murray Sarkin as Victor Velasco
Jeffrey Bigger as The Telephone Repairman
Anne McCarthy as The Delivery Person