A Point of Order by Ed Simpson

Ever since the leading employer left for sunny Georgia, times have been tough in Randolphsburgh, PA. the nation’s leading importer of overcast. Hoping to create a media event that will turn things around, a committee is organizing the dedication of a statue of the town’s only famous citizen, short, bald space shuttle astronaut Dr. Dick Davidson. With three weeks remaining before the gala event, the flirtatious former cheerleader, the avid gardener and school band director, the hypochondriacal shoe salesman, the cynical art history professor and the timid, pistol packing storekeeper are finding that everything that can go wrong has. Facing certain embarrassment, probable financial liability and possible legal action, the committee reluctantly turns to Randolphsburg’s most hated citizen a vindictive millionaire.


Larry Mitchell: Matthew Mindeman
Elizabeth Rutley: LeeAnna Lambert
Milton Porter: Reggie Harper
Muriel Hudak: Stacy Bowers
Doug Scanlon: Steve Robey
Buck Drum: John Zincone

Directed by: Jen and Kevin Renshaw

Photography by: Cloud 8 Photography