Centerstage North will hold open auditions for the parts of Lizzie Curry and Starbuck in The Rainmaker by N. Richard Nash on July 26 and 27 from 7pm to 9pm. Auditions will be held by appointment only. Please email to schedule. Auditions will be held at The Art Place, 3330 Sandy Plains Road, Marietta GA.

(Auditions for the remaining roles will be held in early August.)

Sides are below. There may also be cold readings from the script.

Rehearsals will start August 14th (Mon, Tues and Thurs evenings) and performance dates are October 6- 8, 12-14 and 20-21.

There is no stipend or pay for this show.

Set in the 1930’s, The Rainmaker is a tale of love and a tale of hope, set in “a western state on a summer day in a time of drought.” Just as the Curry family is beginning to despair, Starbuck — a self-proclaimed “Rainmaker” comes on the scene. He is full of dreams, passion, and self-confidence — a quality unhappily unmarried, young Lizzie Curry especially lacks. Starbuck promises that he will bring rain and break the drought that is claiming the Currys crops and their cattle, if they agree to pay him the hefty sum of $100. Unlikely though his claim may be, Starbuck eventually wins over the entire Curry Family. Eventually, the rain comes — a rain that nourishes not only the land, but the Curry family, as well. Nash’s romantic comedy brings provincial America to life in a heartfelt domestic drama about the importance of self-belief.

Lizzie Curry: 20’s-30’s  – a farmer’s daughter

H.C Curry: 50’s – Lizzie’s father and the head of the household

Noah Curry: 30’s – Lizzie’s older brother

Jim Curry: 20’s – Lizzie’s younger brother

Starbuck: 30’s -40’s – a conman who comes to town promising rain

File: 30’s – A police officer and the brother’s choice for Lizzie

Sheriff Thomas: 40’s-50’s – the town Sheriff

Lizzie Monologues

Starbuck Monologues