Tartuffe by Moliere                                     October 14-22tartuffe image

CenterStage North takes on Moliere’s classic comedy Tartuffe, The Imposter.  The play is set in the home of Orgon, a wealthy, well respected gentleman who has enjoyed both financial and political success.  His two children hope to marry soon but are living at the family home at present. Their mother is dead and Orgon has remarried the young and beautiful Elmire.   Engulfed by the insecurity of middle-age, Orgon has become increasingly religious.  Whilst in Church he has been befriended by an apparently sanctimonious and impoverished man named Tartuffe.  Orgon is full of respect for Tartuffe’s pious ways.  Tartuffe appears intent on ensuring Orgon’s path to heaven is unobstructed.  While Orgon devotes attention to celestial matters his wealth and his beautiful young wife will, of course, require protection. Tartuffe is most magnanimous and volunteers to ensure that neither falls into the wrong hands.  It’s funny, it’s bawdy, it’s Tartuffe!

Directed by Kevin and Jenifer Renshaw

Full Cast:

Madame Pernelle – Nancy Jensen
Orgon – Jeffrey Bigger
Elmire – Karen Worrall
Damis – Max Flick
Mariane – Jessie Hughes
Valere – Dax Lyle
Cleante – Reggie Harper
Tartuffe – Freddy Lynn Wilson
Dorine – Leeanna Lambert
Laurent/ Loyal/Officer – Ken Cohen
Flipote – Kala Payne

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